Sunday, December 11, 2005

Poem - The Beach

The Beach
By Anup R

A weary soul lies on the beach
Gazing at the stars, way beyond his reach
He stares into the night
And tries to put up a fight

But from the depths of the ocean
Rise up wave after wave of memories and emotion
So he considers the shattered hopes and scattered dreams
And soon tears flow like raging streams

He tries to choke back the tears
He tries to overcome his fears
He wonders what he did wrong
And why troubles stay on for so long

He longs for peace and liberation
But only gets some more frustration
The happiness that once was his constant companion
Now seems as distant as the horizon

So a weary soul lies on the beach
Not caring for what life's trying to teach
Distant sweet memories play on in his head
As the tide comes in and the beach becomes his bed

This one was after a particular strong bout of "questioning my position in the grand scheme of things" Basically, just like anyone else, I too just wannabe happy. But, just writing one line would be no fun to read ... :)

Such poems, where the poet seems to be a hell-of-a-lot-more-miserable than the reader, are especially appreciated because.... Misery loves company!.... I'm just glad that I could offer comfort in any way to someone.... :)



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