Monday, December 12, 2005

Piano round 1 (boys) - Indian Idol (Season 2)

After a long time, I left office before sunset. No, I didn't leave early. I just decided to leave after 8 and a half hours, irrespective of whether or not the work got over. No, the work didn't get over. It never does!

But, during the 2 hour commute along a snail-paced, polluted route, I remembered why I always try to reach office really early and leave really late.... to beat the rush-hour traffic! But, the fun thing about rush-hour in Bombay is that rush-hour spans for about 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening and about 4 hours after sunset. So, any attempt to beat it is invariably rewarded with frustration... especially if you don't get a seat.

Anyway, I think I've cribbed enough about the commute for today.... now let me tell you my top 4 picks from the piano round of the Indian Idol episode that I just caught....

1: N C Karunya from Hyderabad. This 19 year old sang a Punjabi song extremely well. Sonu was especially impressed, but especially mentioned that it is important for this lad to keep a cool head. This was probably as the last season of Indian Idol saw a gr8 singer Rahul Vaidya ousted by the audience, probably only because he came across as cocky and over-confident. Karunya, too came across as a little bit cocky, but only time will tell as to whether success will go to his head....

2: Mukesh Tomar from Delhi. Despite lack of professional training, this dude sang very well and has a gr8 voice. He's a solid contender for the top spot. However, Farah wasn't too pleased with his performance. I couldn't care less about the performance. Just sing well....

3: Kshitij Wagh from Mumbai. Sang an old song with gr8 emotion, never taking his eyes off his wife who sat in the audience. Farah especially applauded his performance. I didn't find his performance spectacular or anything. But, I don't care anyway... :)

4: Shreekumar from Mumbai. Although judges were not too impressed, I liked his rendition of Ae Ajnabi.

The others are also good singers.
Sagar Sawarkar from Mumbai who sang Meri Mehbooba from Pardes (one of my fav songs) has an edge over others as his performance was quite good and he got the first-mover advantage.

Rohit Raj Sinha of Allahabad who danced into the hearts of the judges, sang Tum Mile from Criminal (He obviously could't show off his dance moves to that number). So, the judges ranted about the performance not being upto the mark. I found his singing to be quite good. But he doesn't seem to be in the same league as Karunya, at the moment

The last contestant Ravi Tripathi of Mumbai had the misfortune to come on after some really classy acts. Despite putting on a decent performance, the judges, especially Sonu were dissapointed (high expectations, perhaps?)

I hope my picks remain in the contest.....

I wonder if I'll be able to review tommorow's episode (piano round- second batch - girls). Maybe I can leave on time tommorow as well?

Oh yes... Kajol's sister Tanisha (Tannisshaa OR Tanissha Or whichever way she chooses to spell it... ) was on the show, smiling a lot, encouraging singers and trying to promote her movie "Ally Mc Beal sues Micky" or something.... Dunno bout' the movie, but Tanisha certainly looks gr8!

If you ask me something like... "Who the #### do you think you are? Are you some successful singer/whiner? Or have you been inspired by succesful tunes and composed 'original' tunes?" I tell you... "None of the above. I can sing as well as Anu sings." Isn't that good enough? :)


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