Sunday, December 11, 2005

Poem - Hope

"Hope" - by Anup R

Very often do I look up at the sky
And imagine how good it would be
To give up this rat race and just fly
What kind crazy fool am I?
So many wanna live, while I just wanna die?

Life has been so very cruel
Fear and confusion weighs down my soul
I long for sunshine
But all I get is pain

So on a cruel stormy night
I decide to give up the fight
But with one foot in the grave
My heart enquires of the universe
Is there no one who cares?

Then a voice breaks the stillness of the night
Dumbfounded, I listen as He says

"You are not in control
You never were
Troubles are part of life
Enjoy the good and endure the strife
Your troubles will pass away
If only you get on your knees and pray
Though circumstances may cause your faith to sway
Be sure that I will guide your way"

I stood astonished and amazed
As the sunlight broke through the clouds
The night was gone
Hope was reborn
As I stood gazing at the clear blue sky

This one was after a particularly frustrating work-day. In fact, if I wasn't sure that there is a God and there is a Hell and that souls of ones who commit suicide go to hell, I'd probably be the first one to give the world a last look and jump off a cliff! But, I won't do that! I'm certain that there is a plan for me and that as crazy as the world may be, God is very much in control!

(Do you remember Meatloaf's song... I would do anything 4 love...But I won't do that.... Whatever happened to him?)



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