Thursday, December 15, 2005

A fantastic idea on Marriages

Anyone who has already married or is contemplating marriage will agree that it is an expensive affair. And as my lil' sister will get married soon, I tried to dream up ways in which to reduce expenses on marriages..... and I've now hit upon a novel idea, by which you can marry at almost zero expense. Yes, at almost no cost!

But, as this is such a novel idea, I believe I must be adequately compensated for it :). So, if anyone in the whole world wants to use this idea, corporates must pay me 1 crore Indian Rupees and individuals must pay me 10 lakh Indian rupees, per use of the idea/concept.

My idea is... get the marriage and and all actvities related to it sponsored by corporates, organizations or maybe even by the Government!

I mean, corporates will get the advertising and publicity they crave, and at the same time, they will be serving society by sponsoring the wonderful institution of marriage! No longer can the corporates by accused of wasting money on advertising and promotion, as they are supporting a good cause.

Now, the question arises that in a "well-endowed" nation (population-wise) such as ours, how do the corporates decide whose wedding to sponsor? (Here comes another great idea. And yes, you will have to pay according to the scale mentioned earlier to use this idea as well). It's very simple, make a reality show out of it!

So, just like other reality shows, you can have couples on a live TV show, answering questions, dancing, singing, etc in an effort to win the grand prize... a wedding completely sponsored by a host of corporates! A couple, having won the contest would get married LIVE and the reception would also be telecast LIVE (as long as there is no other BREAKING NEWS)

Now, for the fun part. Such winning couples would have to put up with a few things.

Wedding cards would only be delivered only by the "official" couriers (as they are co-sponsors) and the wedding cards would have a host of logos and names of sponsors and co-sponsors on the back.... yes even a radio partner, a TV partner a Mobile partner (who will offer special ringtones and pictures of the event) and so on....

The reception would only be held at the grounds of the club that sponsors the wedding. A cola giant would sponsor the soft-drinks. A 5 star hotel would sponsor the food, beverages as well as service. Clothes, jewellery and shoes of the bride, groom and relatives would be sponsored by fashion houses. Music companies would provide the deejay and last but not the least.... the Honeymoon would be sponsored by some beach resort in Goa.... :)


Blogger Arpita said...

Nice blogs..nice articles n lovely poems... As for the million dollar idea on marriage...pretty cool.. but den u seem to be a deep thinker with a 3-D effect of philosophy, religion and scientific thinking... Good going.. Just a few bucks idea.. isnt marriage about two families being connected with union of two souls becoming one... two families wid a the Almighty..little ceremony wid lots of happiness minus the corporates n adds n stuff.. lots of sweetness from the people who mean the most and they care.. and a lovely honeymoon in your own room/home ~ what better time to explore each ur partner in the setting you plan to live a lifetime so better to begin life just there instead of some fancy resort... I think this is't bad idea either...why to have begani shaadi mein abdulla deewana situation??? What say Mr. Anup?
Hope u didnt mind my comment...if u did kindly excuse..

12:42 PM  

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