Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slow down?

I wasn't feeling too well .... nothing serious .... but decided to stay home, rest and also catch up on my studies ... [exams are in May! ... and have hardly studied in recent times due to work-pressure :( ]

After quite a while I took a leisurely stroll on the terrace, and was thrilled to see a beautiful sunrise ... have a look at it urself -

.... and then I had another one of my crazy(?) thoughts ... all sunrises/sunsets are beutiful .... looking at the vast expanse of the sky is always a humbling experience .... there is beauty all around .... but I don't notice it all!

.... mornings - I'm too busy rushing to the office to care about the crisp morning breeze or the chirping birds or the beautiful sky where fluffy pillows race .... and in the evening I'm too preoccupied with the commute to bother about anything else ...

It's just too sad that I needed a trip to Khandala to make me aware of the beauty all around me ... I mean, isn't it a silly thing? ... when u go on one of these excursions, you just can't stop clicking snaps and go "ooh" and "aah" as the sun breaks the grip of the horizon and appears to all ...

.... picknickers from Bombay, while in Matheran (a hill-station retreat) wake up really early and hike many kilometers to one of the "sunrise points" just so they can watch the sun rise in all its glory .... they cheer and clap as the sun rises ... and take countless snaps to preserve those moments ....

.... is the sunrise less glorious in Bombay? .... how come we never notice it in Bombay, but go out of our way to appreciate it when we are out of the city?

All I know is that I need to slow down a bit ... maybe take it down a notch ... appreciate and enjoy this gift of life a lil' bit more ... one sunrise at a time .... what say u????


Blogger Marissa said...

love this post. i feel you 100%. i get so angry with myself too, because i realize it. i realize i'm always in a rush to go somewhere, and in the process, i miss the beauty of life that is all around me. and isn't that the purpose? to take life in and be aware of all that surrounds us? anyway, i love the theme of this site...reminds me a lot of my life and the way i try to sort things out; i'm always wondering about my purpose in the whole grand scheme.

10:07 AM  
Blogger still_figuring_out said...

i say it sounds wonderful!

that is a lovely picture.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

Very beautiful message...I had a similar post a while back...abt ppl going on exclusive holidays just to relax when in fact they can do it while they r home..

ppl forget that relaxing is within ur body, mind n has to come from within, not from an external source. If one trains to see the beauty in him/her and the magic of nature, they can be relaxed and happy anywhere on Earth...I have seen it in the eyes of poor kids...they dun have anything but they r happy and at peace with their environment.

Terrific post Anup!


7:15 PM  
Blogger Jewel Rays said...

Hi Anup. :)

Thanks for that comment on ma blog. Hey it helped...haha..

On ya post now...

Great post. REal. Sometimes life gets too busy for us to even catch a glimpse at the beauty around us. I agree with ya statement on slowing down.:) I personally feel that sometimes just looking at natures beauty could comfort, bring joy, peace and a smile. Its like magic sometimes. It helps just looking at the sky and the trees with its green. Yes we do need to slow down to capture the beauties that surround us which could actually help us.

Cheers towards the walk in life.;)

8:12 PM  
Blogger PuNeEt said...

awesome thought dude...

ye sunrise in mumbai... or in anyother part of the world is equally beautiful...
its just that we don't have time to see it...

as very rightly said by u...
we are too pre occupied in our daily routine...

may be thats why we need breaks in between... :-)

btw wat exams...
all the very best

take care

10:17 PM  
Blogger tulipspeaks said...

studying? hmm.. i thought sumone was working.. thats a new info for me..



10:08 AM  
Blogger SkittishKat said...

Amen, Anup.
It's worship were forgetting. Awed by the glory of His creation.
We're created to worship, when we stop and put our own trials and tribulations first we lose track of who we really are. We lose track of the humility. We become impatient and intolorant. We stop loving one another.
Everything goes wrong.

10:38 AM  
Blogger anup.777 said...

"isn't that the purpose? to take life in and be aware of all that surrounds us?"
... couldn't have said it better! ... Absolutely agree with u! ... thanks a lot ... kindred spirit! :)

hiya buddy! ... thanks so much! :)

Hello lovely lady ... u r right as usual ... and not just poor kids ... aren't kids in general so much happier? ... i mean, they don't need expensive toys to play with and get happy ... they are just as happy with some mud and some pebbles ... :)

:) about da comment on ur blog ... i needed to get it off my chest too ... so, its me who shld be thanking u! :) ... thanks again buddy! Cheers 2 u too! :)

Hey m8! ya, we do need all da breaks we can get ... :) ... exams? CA Final 1 group is pending ... so ... got a heck of a lot of studying to do ... :)

yes, I'm working full time and (hardly) studying(?) too ... :)

umm ... come to think of it ... it does seem logical ... to me at least (being da religious type)... so, Amen to that Sis! :)

8:53 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

yep kids in general r happy with whatever they have....but most rich kids arent :) cos I know my cousins' kids crave for a new xbox game every month or so...they r not happy with whatever the rich toys they have already...

poor kids on the other hand just r happy with even thge mud and the tadpoles in the little lake...


3:56 PM  
Blogger anup.777 said...

:) guess the modern generation has been given too much ... too soon ... :)

7:27 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

yep. And when I was little, all I did was play with my one or 2 dolls, watch the fish in the stream in my grandma's house, make mud castles, secret-telling with friends etc and tree-climbing lol :):)


4:29 PM  
Blogger anup.777 said...

... the good ol' days ... :)

8:19 AM  

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