Friday, December 16, 2005

Article - My First Love

My First Love - By Anup R (published in the college magazine in 1999)

She was the most self-obsessed, self-centred and vain girl I'd ever laid eyes on. I loved her! My friends warned me that her total lack of respect for other people was preceded only by her reputation for tearing to shreds the self-respect of any poor soul that crossed her path.

But nothing could shake my love for her. I was crazy. I was foolish. I was a man possessed by the spirit of love. I knew that trying to convince her of my love would be like convincing Mr.Clinton that Mr.Starr never really meant any harm. But all the arguments against my case could not shake my determination. So, on sighting her I approached her praying all the while for the assistance of the spirits of the forefathers of the human race(the great wise apes that ruled the earth).

I came up right in front of her but it seemed that she was blind for she didn't notice the mountain that I am. Anyway, I said "Hi!" She just looked away. I could see the indifference oozing out of every pore. Embarrassed thus, I tried to assert my masculinity and decided to grab her attention using a special technique I'd mastered at the age of ten. Yes, never understimate the power of "irritation".

So, I started whistling a lousy tune off-key and real loud, almost into her ear. I then discovered that my first love was probably deaf as well. So, I reduced the distance between us and got delightfully close to her, whistling as loud as ever! At this point, she suddenly whirled around and her silky black hair brushed against my cheeks. I almost achieved "Moksha" then and there!

She looked. She smiled. She conquered. My dear heart was running a marathon at the pace of a 100 mtr dash. She took a step back and asked me to come to her, indictaing she had something to tell me. Amazed, I ordered my legs to move forward, but they refused to co-operate. Smiling, she came close to me. I closed my eyes and started imagining what can't be mentioned here. Then, I heard her delightful voice in my ear. "You are just as irritating as my brother". She didn't even mention if she meant her elder brother!! (I could be in serious trouble!) Thus, my first love ended with the mere mention of the word "brother"

Seems so childish, now that I look at it... but it was a fine work of art for me back then.... In a way, it's refreshing to see that, contrary to the opinion of a lot of people, I really am maturing... seriously! :)


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