Friday, December 16, 2005

Poem - "Adolescence"

"Adolescence" - By Anup R

What kind of age is this?
Why do I feel all this?
Why don't I know what to do?
Why don't I know why I do
the things that I do?

Why don't I know who's right?
Why don't I know what's right?
Why does, what I feel is right
always, have to be wrong?

Why don't I know who to trust?
Why do I trust friends over family?

Why don't I know what I feel?
Why don't I know how I should feel?
Why can't I control my emotions?

Why is life so complicated?
Why is life out of control?

Why don't I know the difference
between love and infatuation?

Why don't I know
when to lie and when to tell the truth?

Why don't my questions have answers?

And if they do.........
why am I asking all this?

This poem was published in my college magazine in 1998.
It was amongst my first works published. But, now that I look at it, it seems so amateurish.... because I was an amateur :)

Anyway, is good to know that the bulk of the questions remain valid even today... I still don't know what I'm doing and where I'm headed ;)
God have mercy. God plz help me!



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