Friday, December 16, 2005

Poem - Melody of Love - my first poem

Melody of Love - By Anup R

Everytime I gaze into your eyes,
I feel I've stepped on ice
But I love it coz' it feels so nice.

Everytime I catch your glance,
My dear heart begins to dance
And my mind goes into a trance.

Everytime I hear your voice,
Everything else fades into background noise
You make my heart rejoice.

Nervous shivers run down my spine
Everytime your eyes meet mine
I swear it wasn't my design
to break our friendship, divine
By hoping to make you mine.

This was the first poem that I wrote. It was published in Bombay Times on 15th September 1998.

I have a wide smile even as I write this. The poem is so simple, just as those days. Brings back fond memories :)



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