Friday, December 16, 2005

Article - I Love You

I Love You - by Anup R (Published in 2001 in the college magazine... my parting gift to the college)

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the words "I Love You" in the lives of people? I realized it only recently. A close friend of mine recently lost his father and in this time of immense grief, he said something that haunted me to the extent of changing my attitude towards these words forever. Between tears, he said, "I never told Dad that I love him..... and now I'll never be able to tell him."

Stunned by his outburst momentarily, I tried to assure him that all feelings need not be expressed in words - that his father knew of his love, even without a vocal expression. However, my friend was not convinced. How could he be?..... When even I wasn't convinced!

We all love our parents, our siblings and our friends. But even animals have the capacity to love! The ability to express our emotions through intelligent words is one thing that sets us apart from animals. Why then do we prefer to act as animals when it comes to expresing the feeling of love?

Even more disturbing is the fact that we don't tell those three words to the ones who have loved us all our lives, but go out of our way to whisper these words in the ears of pretty young things at every opportuniity we get. We send flowers, chocolates, cuddly bears, giraffes, kangaroos and every imaginable gift, sing songs while running around trees, make pledges of living and dying together and so on and so forth; even though there is more probability of the so called "love" relationship to turn into a "love-hate" relationship (where both parties love to hate each other) rather than into a succesful marriage. And all the while our family stands behind us, supporting us, encouraging us. Don't they deserve to be told "I Love You" more often?

I hope you've got the drift of what I'm trying to say by now. Actions don't necessarily speak louder than words. We must realize that the ones who truly love us aren't going to be around forever. So, why not surprise them with an "I Love You"? What is the worst that could happen? They would probably get the doctor to examine you at first. But, later when you see a rise in your allowance, you'll feel something delightful rise up from your heart and hear these words come out of a merry heart - "I Love You!"

This is one of the most sober articles I've written till date. It really is something very important. Love your family and tell them that as often as you can. After God, they are the only ones who will love you unconditionally. Think about it....


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