Sunday, December 25, 2005

How I spent Christmas day....

Well, this was the most calm Christmas day I've spent in quite a while. Generally, Christmas day would be spent with a whole lot of relatives (either me visiting them or vice versa). But this year, I spent it just with my family. We sampled (actually I pigged out... while the rest of the family sampled) Mom's special holiday recipies and had a great time at that!

In the afternoon I watched the movie, 'Love Actually' on TV.... and it's awesome, even watching it the second time round! I'd like to thank a dear friend for suggesting that movie in the first place... And after that, I caught a bunch of flicks (Santa Clause, Starship Troopers) as well as some cartoons, simultaneously, by using the remote like a deadly weapon! :)

Basically, after a long long time I took a break from studies. From tommorow, its the same routine of studies, work and some more studying... so I just chilled out today... Maybe next year I'll do some partying.... but this year, I wasn't really in the partying mood at all..... I wonder why? Guess I need to settle down in life.... God, I need your help soooo bad.... Help me in tying off the loose ends in my life!


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