Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm an addict.....

(I'm sure that the subject caught ur attention.... :)

Why do people do drugs or booze themselves silly? Obviously to get a "high"! For the benefit of people who don't do drugs or booze, I conducted painstaking research into what a "high" is. (I chatted on the subject with a girlfriend on this matter... and it was a pain! that's why the research was so painstaking ;)

I believe that the "high" experienced on ingestion of the aforementioned substances (just tried to appear professional here... this will pass :) is a sense of complete detachment from all responsibilities... a dulling of ones senses to traditionally ingrained inhibitions. Basically, one temporarily enjoys a new and improved (often twisted) perception of reality.... where nothing is impossible and no boundaries exist... where everyone is having fun and the world is nothing but one big PARTY!

And who doesn't want to get away from the problems that shroud our earthly existence? I know I do! But, being brought up in an orthodox family, under extremely strict supervision, I never could "escape from reality" by doing drugs or booze. (The fear of getting caught was simply too great!) So, very early in life (last year), I discovered that I could get the same "high" without doing either drugs or booze and best of all, I could never be caught as there is nothing that can detect the presence of this substance in me.

Before I tell you about this discovery, let me tell you about the "high" that this substance gives.... its a mixture of peace, joy, immeasurable happiness and the feeling that the world is an awesome place to live starts looking at the world through rose tinted glasses, sunrises seem prettier, people seem nicer, sunsets make u all misty-eyed and so on..... However, one also feels vulnerable and weak, slightly insecure (depending upon the dosage) and may also suffer from heart palpitations. But, these effects aren't as serious as some of the effects of designer drugs that the kids are taking now-a-days ( rather, now-a-daze?)

I'm sure u r really curious by now.... are you ready to sample my discovery? Are you ready to.......... fall in love?

Yes, I've discovered that being in love gives one a better and longer lasting "high" than others derive from substance abuse... It's true... Try it!

When u are in love, you are so preoccupied by the thoughts of that special one, that u don't give a damn about the rest of the world... u build ur own world with that loved one becoming the centre of your universe... that's why the small and insignificant problems of the world stop bothering you.... when u r in love.

When u r in love, u feel invincible. U feel immortal. U feel super-charged and ready to tackle anything. When u r in love, people seem nicer (as you don't pay attention to them and their irritating quirks), sunrises and sunsets seem awesome (as you pay attention to such details). Basically love reverses just about all your earlier priorities and alters your soul, your life and your perception of the world beyond recognition.... It's such a beautiful thing....

That's why I get all my "highs" from falling in love. In fact, sadly I'm addicted to love.... I'm in love with being in love... I can't stand it if I'm not in love with someone... so I keep falling in love over and over and over again .... so as soon as a relationship gets over, I try and fall in love very very soon.... this is really pathetic... but what can I do? I told you I'm addicted!

Also, if I'm not in love, my creativity goes for a vacation and I'm not able to write the stuff I so love to write.... I'm thinking of joining some support group for this... but till then.... u guys can continue to glance thru the articles and poems that I write when I'm experiencing a love-induced "high"..... like today.... :)


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