Sunday, December 18, 2005

Why do I complicate life?

So many times I have found that the reason for a variety of complications in my life is.... ME! I could have avoided so much of heart-ache by just listening to my brain instead of an emotional heart.... I mean, if I like someone, I end up telling them..... if there's something bothering me, I vocalize it... and so on.... This has complicated too many relationships unnecessarily. Everyone wants people to be honest to them, but if people are reaaly honest with them , "They can't handle the truth!" (I'm screaming, just like in that movie....)

There's only one thing I believe now, "Honesty is highly overrated!"

But, then again, "Be open minded, but not so open that all your brains fall out!" (This doesn't make any sense here, but I decided to include it here to give the appearance of a balanced discussion :)

I think I should cut back on something.... I'm writing silly things .... Ya, I must cut back on writing.... especially silly things.... LOL :) Good night!


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