Thursday, December 22, 2005

I think I'm in trouble

I think I'm in trouble guys!.... I think I'm setting myself up for a world of pain..... I'm getting emotionally attached to someone who is bound to be in my life for just a short while.... what then? .....

For a while I thought that I was in love ... but on careful consideration of the events that led to that feeling, I realized that I had probably misinterpreted an emotional attachment, stronger than I've ever felt towards anyone so far.... as love.....

You see, I have such a profound sense of caring, tenderness and affection for her that it frightens me to even think of her going out of my life... I'm at peace with the world only when I'm with her....gazing into her lovely heart leaping with joy with her every smile....her melodious voice mesmerising me and calming my troubled soul.... No, I'm not in love with her.... I know I'm not! I'm Not! I can't be! I shouldn't be!

Even this beautiful thing we have right now can never last... those lovely conversations we have on the daily commute ..... I'll miss them most of all.... for I know that she'll soon be outta my life, chasing her dreams...... and I'll be left holding the pieces.... just memories to comfort me by.....

I've tried out a new style of writing...... (I never will have to make sense anymore!.... I can say that the meaning is hidden in the ..... just like the song -"the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind", the meaning is hidden in the ....... ;)


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