Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pls be patient with me

This is an open letter to a very dear friend...... I told you all that I always complicate stuff.... but this is an attempt to uncomplicate matters....

I recall you once asked me - "what is love first of all.... and how does one fall in love?" I didn't have a ready answer then, but I'll try and answer it today, in my own quirky way... :) But, after that, I'll address an issue that we both are aware of, but were afraid to tackle to avoid complications in an otherwise wonderful friendship....

I believe that love arises due to a combination of various factors. Hormones are high on the list! :) But, that is followed closely by the attraction one feels towards someone. One may be either attracted to someone's appearance (purely physical) or to someone's nature/personality (combination of physical appearance as well as behaviour). Sometimes one also feels that one is in love due to the gradual building up of emotional attachment with passage of time.

Take my case for instance. From having a crush on you due to your physical beauty and charm, my feelings graduated to intense affection due to your warm personality, confidence and inner strength. I've confessed my love for you as a friend.... and it just grows deeper with every passing day.... you are just so good to me.... so understanding, supportive and insightful....u make me want to be a better person.... but at the same time, I'm worried that I'm getting too emotionally attached to you for my own good.

I don't wanna do anything foolish and jeopardize such a beautiful friendship... And I'm aware that lately I've come across too strongly in my display of affection for you... so strong that you must surely have considered that my fondness for you has gone beyond acceptable limits for a friendship. Heck!, even I'm amazed my immaturity in handling the situation... I've got no excuses for it... just that I've never emotionally bonded with someone as quickly as with you and I've never developed such closeness and affection for anyone as in case of you. You are one of my closest friends and I don't wanna screw up the friendship. I value your friendship too much to throw it away to confusion/delusions.

I know you've ignored my immaturity so far as you don't want me to go through the heartache you once experienced yourself. That just shows the gem of a person that you are. But, I don't wanna push you to the brink. I don't wanna be overbearing about my concern for your wellbeing. I believe that the intensity of affection that I feel for you will gradually settle down to acceptable levels with the passage of time (just like stock market indices that settle down at lower levels after soaring to gr8 heights over a short time). Pls gimme some time. I promise you that my childish behaviour will cease. I hope that you are patient for a little while longer so that I get used to our friendship and gradually become a mature and dependable friend.

With Love,


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