Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poem - Someday

"Someday" - Anup R

Yesterday we were close friends
and I thought to the heavens I could ascend
I used to wish those days would never end
Now I just wish for some way to make amends

Coz', now you look at me with disdain
and my words do I have to refrain

But, someday I'll grow numb to the pain
Someday I'll stop crying in the rain
Someday my heart will cease to be your domain
Someday I'll fall in love again
I think I need to work on this poem some more.... but for now, I no longer have the luxury to be in love or think about love or write about it.... though I want to :( .... I've got exams to prepare for.... and the pressure at work is mounting .... so, when I get some time, I'll edit this post and make it better....



Blogger Keshi said...

Great poem...

**But, someday I'll grow numb to the pain

thats me..


8:44 PM  
Blogger anup.777 said...

Hey Keshi, join the club! It's amazing how across the globe, somewhere, a boy has broken a girl's heart, and somewhere else, the same has happened to a boy... and they both feel just as miserable... "someday I'll grow numb to the pain...." ... someday, but not today....

10:38 PM  

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