Saturday, April 07, 2007

Are you happy?

Now that I've moved to a new city for the new job, people have been asking me this one question far too often ... "Are you happy?"

I guess it's only natural to assume that I wasn't happy in my old job ... But as far as jobs go, happiness was never something I have ever looked for ... job-satisfaction is what I've looked for. Life has many areas, and a job is just a part. So, just coz' there is job-satisfaction, that doesn't mean that one is happy.

Don't get me wrong. I know I am greatly blessed, with a better life than so many out there ... a family that cares, a few close friends, a job I like with fairly decent pay, a decent standard of living, and so on ... but, everytime someone asks me "Are you happy?" I avoid giving a straight answer except to close friends.

I recently admitted to a close friend that I wasn't happy ... though I have just about everything in life to be happy about ... and I have nothing that I can complain about ... and yet, there is something missing ... and that is, God.

God has been good to me all my life ... He's always protected me, forgiven me for the countless times I've messed up and given me way way more than I deserve ... basically, He has been a wonderful Father to an undeserving son ... but now, I've reached a point where I am no longer satisfied with just His gifts ... I need to know Him ... and not just know about Him

I can only pray that He reveals Himself to me and help me understand why I am here ... and I pray that you say an Amen to my prayer ....

Wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter, my dear friends ....