Friday, October 27, 2006

Trying to get a life .... :)


Hey guys, first of all, i wanna apologize for not having come visiting for quite a while ... The thing is, I've never ever been so damn swamped in work ... its like my whole life revolves just around work ...

I trudge off to work at around 8.00 am (to beat the traffic) ... and am then at work beyond 8.00 pm daily ... and although the long hours does help me beat the most crazy of Bombay traffic, I'm starting to doubt if the trade-off is worth it ... :)

... Coz' I get home late, have dinner, and then just hit the sack .... and know what? ... I'm often dreaming about work too ... (no, not about the gals .. ;) ... my dreams/nightmares are about work that needs to be done, the upcoming work schedule, and how I cope with it ... I know I know ... how boring ... :)

As if that's not enough, I lug work home over the weekends ... there's just a lot that has to be done :( But, know what? ... In my attempt to "get a life", I've been trying to break the routine at least on Saturday ... the end result - I'm cramming a lot of activities on Saturday so that I can pretend that I have a life. That way, I get back to work on Sunday, convinced that "I HAVE A LIFE" ... hehe :)

A typical Saturday would've been, me sleeping in till 10.00 am, having a lazy breakfast and then starting work in the afternoon .... but now, I wake up early on Saturdays too. I have to get a life na? ... So, its up and atom at 8.00 am, a quick breakfast, watching a few cartoons (yup I still do watch 'em), and then its catching up on personal emails, visiting a few blogs, watching a movie (last week I saw 'Match Point'- amazing!!!), reading a book (Love Story and Tuesdays with Morrie have become my favs so far) ... of course, I multitask ... so i listen to music while reading the book. in fact, I'm listening to music while I'm typing this out ... :)And then in the evening, I get in a few hours of football/cricket/kite flying with the guys ... I'm pooped at the end o it all, grab dinner, another movie on TV and then hit the sack ... contented????

.... I don't think so .... Is this "getting a life"? ... it was overdone wasn't it? ... the whole point was to relax and chill and do some of the stuff that makes me happy ... and not cram everything I love doing into 24 hrs ... That's something so obvious, and yet, for the past 2 weeks, I was foolishly trying to ... :)

But not this week ... I am gonna read one book "Oliver's Story", maybe listen to some music later ... no multi-tasking ... and basically just laze around in front of the TV ... it may not be as exciting as the lives of so many out there ... but it is my life, and boring as it may be for a few, I like it this way ... :)

You guys have a gr8 weekend! ... I'll relax today and work tommorow ... but as blogging and blog hopping is one of the many activities I enjoy, one of these Saturdays, I'm gonnabe doing just that ... So, see you soon, buddies!!!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The gift - AnupR

"I thought you wouldn't show up" she says, as Andrew walks in.

"So, is this it?" he asks, eyeing the box lying on the table

"Yup" she says nonchalantly .. and then adds -

"Every gift you've ever given me is in there ... well, at least the ones I liked and kept ..."

Andrew smiles ... "Brutal as always, I see ..."

He picks up the box, sits near her and rummages through the memories ... He wonders if the memories that flood his mind are real or make-believe ... was he ever happy or was he delusional? ... didn't he always know that she didn't care? It was just a compromise anyways ... she stuck around as she knew that he loved her ... and he let her stay as he needed someone to lavish affection on ... It worked fine initially, but then ...

"Hello! ... what are ya doing? I'm expecting company ... "

Andrew smiles, hands her the box and says- "You haven't returned the most expensive gift I've given you"

"That's impossible! ... I kept that ring in there ... there it is!" and she shows him the ring ... amazing craftsmanship and etched with the words "Forever Yours" ...

"That isn't what I was talking about" he says

"So what was it?"

Andrew says nothing ... he leans in and pecks her on the cheek ... whispers goodbye ... then picks up the box and moves towards the door ...

"What was it, Andrew? I want to return it!"

He's reached the door by now ... and doesn't turn around as he says "You never did return it ... and you never can. .... I gave you ... complete and unconditional love."

Hey guys, sorry I couldn't reply to your comments in the previous post ... have a lot of catching up to do ... Today, I had 2 exams ... the first one went well, and the second one was ... BAD!!! :( ... Anyways, have 2 more exams next Sunday ... so catching up will have to wait a lil' ... I miss ya all!!!

BTW, turned 26 today ... hehe ... :) but the whole day went in the exam hall ... so cut the cake in the late evening with family ... and these two frens of mine sent over a Huge Bouquet to cheer me up as I was so stressed recently ... Wow! U guys are just amazing! .. am so blessed to have frens like ya ...

Cheers ya all ... Will catch ya soon!!!