Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year to ya all!!!

2007 is almost here. So I cast one long hard look at the year gone by ... I refuse to regret having done or not done something at this point, as it won't change the past ... I look back so that I may add a few more pleasant moments to my treasure chest of memories ... and that I may learn from the past and not make the same mistakes in 2007 ....

Looking back at 2006 ... it was an amazingly hectic year .. with many upheavels on the personal and profesional front ... I'd started out 2006 not knowing if I'd ever write again ... but although my muse wasn't around anymore ... I still had bouts of inspiration ... suffcient to keep the blog rolling ... and so I completed my first year of blogging in Dec'06 ... thanks for all the encouragement my friends ... there are many other wonderful memories I have of this year ... wonderful friendships forged and nurtured ... professional degree attained ... and so much else ... it really wasn't as dreadful as I'd imagined ... All God's grace, really ... :)

For 2007 I pray that I be quick to listen but slow to speak and slow to become angry ... and that I give up my foolish ways ... that I might become a better son, a better friend ... a better person ...
Ok, what the h ... might as well aim to shed some pounds as well ... :)

Wishing one and all, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year ... Have fun, my dear friends ... :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas with Mischa

"Max, do you want to dance?"

Max grinned ... "C'mon Mischa ... you know I can't ... not with these two left feet."

She smiled and said, "It doesn't make any difference, Max. I'll take care of you." and led him to the dance floor.

And she did take care of him ... her graceful steps compensating for his awkward movements ... Not that too many were looking at him as they danced.

And when they played the slow numbers, all they did was embrace and gently sway to the music ... the whole world ceased to exist ... time stood still ... and everyone and everything else melted into the background ... it was just ... Mischa and Max ... the smiles on their faces reflected the state of their joyous hearts ... hearts overflowing with affection, devotion, adoration, passion ... love ...

Love ... the wonderful warm feeling Max felt everytime he said the word "Mischa" out loud ... Why did that one word bring a smile to his face? ... the one word that brought back so many pleasant memories ... the most pleasant of them all being their dances on Christmas-eve.

Christmas ... for Max, it was special ... he celebrated the birth of the Lord and the birth of the love of his life ...

Christmas was here again ... the decorations were up, beautifully wrapped presents lay under the Christmas tree and milk and cookies were left for Santa ... but this year, Max didn't go to the dance ... he came straight back home after Church ... he stayed up, listening to carols and flipping through photo albums ...

"Why are you crying, Daddy?" ... little Eliza had crept downstairs ...

"What are you doing here, darling? Did you have a bad dream?"

"I miss Mom" she said as he snuggled up to him on the couch

"I miss her too, dear."

He sighed, kissed her on her forehead and then hugged her tight. Then they looked at the photo albums together, and smiled as they relived all the joyous moments that they'd shared with Mischa. He even let her open a few of her presents and grinned as she leapt with joy everytime.

Some time later, Max notices that Eliza has fallen asleep on the couch, surrounded by her many gifts. He smiles at his lil' angel sleeping so peacefully ... and gently lifts her up and takes her to her room.

Finally he's alone once again ... he turns off the carols and puts on a slow number that they'd danced to every year for so many years ... and as he leans back on the couch and closes his eyes, he hears the familiar voice ...

"Max, do you want to dance?"

He smiles and says, "Yes Mischa"

Wish you all a very Happy Christmas ... I just hope I don't spend the holidays working ... :) Anyways, wish u guys have an awesome time!!! Cheers!!! :)


Saturday, December 02, 2006

True. Isn't it?

Thought 4 the day Posted by Picasa

BTW I saw 'Hitch' on HBO recently ... and towards the end, a dialogue really captivated me ... It's spot on!

"Hitch: What you got there?

Albert: This? I figured maybe if my heart
stops beating, it wouldn't hurt so much.

Honestly, I never knew I could feel like this.

I swear I'm going out of my mind.

I wanna throw myself off
of every building in New York.

I see a cab and I wanna dive in front of it,
because then I'll stop thinking about her.

Hitch: Look, you will. Just give it time.

Albert: That's just it. I don't want to.
I've waited my whole life
to feel this miserable.

If this is the only way
I can stay connected with her...
then this is who I have to be."

Love ... ain't it strange? ... :)

Joe's long walk

He stared long and hard into those cold eyes, striving to catch a glimpse of remourse in them ... less than an hour between him and the electric chair, ... between life and death ... and yet, ...

How many wrong turns does one have to take before ...

before one gives up trying to find the right path, and start walking down the road one is on?

before one accepts that dreams are just that ... dreams ... and reality mandates consciousness ... wake up!

before one realizes that wishes are only granted in fairytales and that this life ain't no fairytale?

before one gives up praying ... only the prayers of the righteous are answered. Right?

How long does it take for a man to give up? ... to stop rebelling? ... to conform? ... to accept the pointlessness of it all? ...

How long before one gives up grappling with fierce desires and just goes with the flow? Why bother about the consequences? One has to die someday, right? Is there such a thing as right or wrong? Aren't your needs and desires greater than that of everyone else? Isn't that what the world requires from you? So when you do what's required of you, why are you being singled out and punished? ... Damn it, who are you kidding? ... it was plain wrong ... you major league screw-up!

Does it end here? ... or were your parents right? Is there heaven? Is there hell? Is there any way to be sure about that?

Damn! Can't you even remember one simple prayer?


"Joe, you'll have to give us the mirror now. Its almost time."