Saturday, September 30, 2006

Poem - "I do believe" - AnupR

They think that he's flying
when he's nose-diving ...
freefalling into the abyss

Don't know what he's thinking
And why that smile's on his face

When all plans have
gone for a toss
And everything's
as good as lost

When he's got nothing
to look forward to
And nothing
to hold on to

He's lost
His chance
His mind
and all hope too

Does he not have the strength to fight?
Why does he not care enough to try?
Why does he feel he's nearing the end?
Why does he continue to pretend?

No answers come and you are amazed
as you see him waving and smiling
at friends and passers-by
they all say - "what a great guy"
When all he's saying is - goodbye

As he hurtles towards the end
He hungers for a final glimpse of the sky
So he stops staring into the deep
Turns around and looks towards the Most High

"I do believe ...
Help thou mine unbelief"

I don't expect anyone to understand something that I myself am confused about ... :)

Have a gr8 weekend ya all ...

Have got exams lined up in October ... and work's more hectic than ever ... All in all, its gonnabe fun!!!! :)


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Random thought - the yappers

What's happening Update - N/A (am yet to get a life!) ... :)

DISCLAIMER: This may be a work of Fiction. Any resemblance to your life may be intentional but definitely isn't with any malice ... :)

I've always felt there are just two kinds of people in the world. Those who talk too much ... and those who aren't able to talk too much, as the first category (yappers) won't let them!

Seriously! ... I've come across many people who seem to be in love with the sound of their own voice ... and they'll ramble on and on ... and I feel like screaming -"Dude, if you love talking so much, at least say something interesting! ... or talk to someone who has similar interests!!! ... Don't persecute me just coz' I wandered into ur line of sight!"

Don't get me wrong here ... I love listening to people ... and given a choice between talking or listening, I'd rather listen ... But I'd rather give my time to friends and family and not to just about anyone ... But so many of these people just can't take a hint (or they choose to ignore the hints) ... So I may yawn, program my cell-phone to self-destruct, tear my hair (whatever is remaining) out in frustration, or just drop down unconscious ... they'll keep yapping away ... so long as I am physically present, anywhere near them ...

At one point I thought I'd just ask the yappers to shut up and leave me alone ... but then I realized that I was actually benefitting from interaction with these fellas ...
1. If Patience is a muscle, I'm now a world-champion body-builder!
2. The ones who were spared of the torture coz' of me, treat with me with respect/pity/compassion ... and I don't mind it one bit! ... hehe :)
3. If I ever want to avoid someone, I quickly approach the first yapper in sight ... and he/she immediately strike up a not-so rivetting conversation ... and no one dares approach me!
4. I find that I can actually do quite a bit of work while 'listening' ... they don't really care if you are really paying attention ... they just want you to nod your head once in a while, mumble something like "yes" or "hmmm" or "i understand completely" ... So I've programmed myself such that every few minutes I nod and say one of those key-words ... they are happy and I'm none the worse for it ...
5. On account of the constant practice of nodding and saying "yes" without knowing what's happening, I think I'm perfecting the art that's practiced by all great husbands world-wide ... ;) (no offence gals ... that's what most guys will end up doing anyways... always saying "Yes, Dear" )

Hv a gr8 weekend ya all! :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why? - AnupR

You left me
but never told me why
Its over
and I'm still wondering why
Why why why?

You led me on and made promises
raised my expectations
And then moved outta my life
without any explanation
You screwed up my life
messed with my emotions
Why why why?

Why does this always happen to me?
Why do I fall for fools
who just wanna fool around?
What is it that attracts them to me
and me to them?

Why is my life an incessant whirlpool?
Why am I sinking into this abyss?
Am I to blame for it?
and even if I'm not to blame,
Why don't I ever learn?
Is there something inherently wrong with me?

Do I actually love this ocean
of messed up relationships,
broken hearts and dreams?
Is that why
I wallow in this cesspool of doubt,
everyday without fail?
Is that why
I throw myself a pity-party
and enjoy my own misery?

Why can't I move on?
Why can't I accept that you're gone?

Why can't I be stronger?
Why can't relationships last longer?
if not forever ...
Why can't I find true love?
or something close?

Why Why Why?

Hey guys, I'm seriously bogged down with work ... am still carrying it home for the weekends ... :( I miss you all ..

BTW this poem isn't my story ... it really isn't ... various discussions I've had with a good friend has inspired this one ...

"I know its sounds harsh ... but I love you and hope and pray that you come out of this soon ... I hope its gets better real soon, my dear friend .... "

Have a gr8 weekend ya all!!!