Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Night

Friday Night- AnupR

It's a Friday
Another week has gone by
Frustrated by da routine
I let out a cry

Get a call on ma cell phone
"Buddy, wanna hang out tonight?"
I say "Sure thing, Darling"
"We're gonna groove all night"

We drive to da party
And head straight for da bar
As the drinks drown our inhibitions
We hit the dance floor

But as we raved and swayed
To crazy club music
I catch a glimpse of heaven
Just a few feet away

I no longer hear any music
Except the thumping of my heart
Everyone fades into the darkness
Heck, she tops all da charts!

Mesmerised by her beauty
Enamored by the way she danced
I stand rooted
as if in a trance

Who cares what da DJ's playing
As long as she's dancing
Oh baby, is she moving!
... I'm not complaining :)

And then it hits me
A purse across ma face
My buddy, she's jealous
and is now hunting for da mace

I try and calm her down
As we down a few more drinks
"Yeah baby, we're getting married
But thats not for 2 weeks"

Memory goes blank around here ... da poet is still nursing a nasty gash on da head and a bad hangover ... "Honey, pick up da phone ... About last night ... I'm sorry baby....."

This was fun! ... I had a blast on Wednesday ... awesome office party ... Of course I don't drink ... but I saw some awesome dancing (me thinks da dancing was aided by a few drinks in) ... thought I'd put myself in their shoes here ... dunno if I captured it well enough though :)


Saturday, June 17, 2006

on friendships ....

How does one make friends?

Generally one tends to gravitate towards people with similar personalities ... ones whose interests and likes/dislikes/preferences closely resemble your own ... basically its the 'birds of a feather flocking together' funda ...

And yet, quite often two people from vastly different sections of society, with diametrically opposite personalities, attitudes, beliefs and convictions ... become the very best of friends. Now why does that happen?

I've experienced it myself ... Despite being completely opposite in almost all aspects of our life ... from what we like to do in our spare time or where we'd like to hang out, to deeper matters such as our convictions and beliefs ... despite it all, we get along amazingly well ... I mean, its like we have some sort of commonality at a deeper level that binds the friendship together ... In fact, very often I feel that my love and respect for these friends exceeds my affection for other dear friends.

Why do you think it is so? Is it because at a deeper level, we seek friends who complete us? ... as in - fill the gaps we perceive as existing in our personalities? ... they do the things that we've always wanted to, but were unable to ... perhaps they have the attitude that we crave ... so in being with them, we feel we have become whole? ...

Or is it just as simple as "Opposites attract" ... even in friendships?

I know, I know ... two posts in two days? Do I have lots of free time or what? Actually, quite the opposite! ... I've been working like crazy and all the pent up frustration of working like this to meet deadlines is spilling over here ... When I'm frustrated, I write ... otherwise someone's gonna get punched in the face very soon! ... grrr ... :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Still missing her ... :(

The sun is still sleeping
But I'm wide awake
I've spent the night kneeling
At the foot of my bed

I think of all I have today
I think of all I've lost
I dwell on all I've gained so far
I come to terms with the cost

I really have no regrets
Except having caused you pain
Except messing up what meant most to me
By behaving like I was insane

You still mean the world to me
I miss you night and day
From the time the sun wakes up
Till when the stars come out to play

If only I could erase the past
Or turn back the hands of time
What I wouldn't give for a clean slate
and a friendship that would last

But for now I remain where I am
All alone at the foot of my bed
Crying, hoping, begging and praying
For I still miss you my dear muse
Though you're always in my heart
Though you're always in my head

Wrote this on my way home from work ... been a long time since I actually wrote something during the commute .... felt real nice to get this out ....

Don't be mad guys, I'm not on an Emo-Trip or anything .... I just miss the good old days ... she was a great friend and she'll always have a special place in my heart ...

Have a gr8 weekend ya all! ... as for me .... I've lugged work home once again ... I have crazy deadlines to meet yaar!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No Fear

No Fear - AnupR

A lil' bit of jealousy
... to give u that 'drive'

Loads of flattery
... to keep 'powers that be'
happy and at bay

Shrewd manipulation
and a lil' twisting of facts
... to make u seem so damn cool
(others are such fools!)

A lil' bit of bitching and backbiting
never hurt anyone, na?
so let da lies and rumours fly
... screw their promotions!
(screw with their emotions!)

U know all da tricks of da trade, eh?
U da master of da game, eh?

I see right thru ur tapestry of lies n deceipt
And smile as u weave ur web to trap me again
Not this time ... sweet talker!
Not again ...

This time,
I'm gonna play da game my way
I'm gonna succeed this time
I've got help this time!

Do ur worst
I won't hit back
I don't need to
Your Boss is on my side!
U can only do as much damage
As He allows you to

And when my time comes
U can't stop da promotion
That's headed my way

No fear
Not in life
Not even in death
For what is death
But the gateway to real life?

Don't ask me what it means ... I started writing and this is the result ... I have no explanation 4 dis ... just rambled on as usual ... :)


Friday, June 09, 2006


Its an understatement to say that I've had a rough week ... nope it didn't show to the ones around ... but this ranked pretty high on my list of bad weeks ... until .... (I'll get back to it)

Anyways, Sat morning, woke up with a slight ache in my neck and shoulders ... but I'd lugged work home (as usual ... I know I know ... GET A LIFE!) ... and so popped some painkillers and got to it ... Next thing I know, Sunday morning ... couldn't even get off the bed without physically supporting my neck with my hands ... really horrible pain n all! ... I still had a report due Monday ... so after some warm compresses and home remedies (which didn't really help too much) I somehow got a lil' bit done ... and it took its toll on me ... :(

So Monday, I woke up with really horrible pain ... and went off straight to my physiotherapist ... an hour of warm compresses and various exercises later, I went to work ... I told u I have loads of work to get done and very lil' time! And thus began the week ....

Tue and Wed, I sat thru work, with a neck brace ... looking like a lunatic ... as opposed to just behaving ever so often like one ;) ... And I so hated it when colleagues looked at me with sympathy ... don't look at me that way ... I'm not dying!

And on Thu .... a viral infection joins the party! ... As if I wasn't having a gr8 time already (with warm compresses and exercises) ... And though I immediately took some tablets to fight it off, by evening, I was burning up with fever ... I pushed off from work early, endured a seemingly never-ending commute home, rushed to the pharmacy ... on a quest for antibiotics ... Hardly slept coz' I woke up ever so often coughing or feeling feverish ... whatever ...

Friday ... another report is due ... but because of the wonderful time I'd had this week ... I had to call in sick ... and a whole day of antibiotics and a cocktail of home-remedies later, I'm feeling just a lil' bit better .... am a bit weak with loads of body-ache ... but God willing I'll be okay enough to weather the storm and come out with the report that's past due on Monday!

So, what does all this have to do with the title of the post?

I realized this recently ... one must be thankful ... always ... there are so many people who are worse off than I am right now ... many without a home ... many without a house ... many without any money ... many without anyone to call their own ... many without dreams/hopes/ambitions ... many without education ... many without intellect ... many without a job ... many who are resigned to a life that holds no meaning .... except an endless daily struggle to survive ...

Can u stand up? Be thankful 4 that ... many can't!

Can u bend ur neck back without any pain? Be thankful! ... presently I can't!

Do u have parents who love u and take care of ur every need? Who sit by ur side when u r sick and irritable and at ur worst behaviour? Do u have parents? ... be thankful! ... Many don't! ... and I am so very thankful for my parents who have endured me and my crazy antics ... and have always loved me and forgiven me ... and been there for me ... I am thankful ...

I am thankful for my faith ... for life ... for friends ... for love ...

I am thankful for this blog ... an outlet for the stuff that's hidden in my heart ... and for the wonderful people I've met thru this medium ...

I am thankful ....

... Are you?

Okay this one was written on a 'High' induced by a combination of antibiotics, cough syrup and a host of other medicines I'm taking ... so I went overboard, I guess ... But I'm too lazy to edit/weed out the junk ... so I'm just gonna hit the publish button and hit the sack ...

Take care ya all ... I'll visit ya as soon as I can ... Have a gr8 weekend! :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Poem - Open ur eyes

Poem - Open ur eyes
- AnupR

From the cradle to the grave
Will you be a slave
For you aren't blind
And yet, choose not to see
For you aren't deaf
And yet, choose not to listen
For you aren't dumb
And yet, choose not to speak

Listen to reason
See the light
Be wise and humble
And at least try to embrace the truth

Accept ...
You are weak
You never were free
You probably never will be

If ...
You love your chains
You enjoy the pain
You enjoy the sympathy
You don't crave salvation

So ...
Go about your business
Keep building castles in the air
Never spare a thought for anyone else
Not even for the only one
... who really does care

... and never open your eyes ..... again

yes ... the ramblings of a confused poet ... bear with me world ... too many questions ... very few answers ... I need some time